Post Grad Baseball

Become the player every coach wants.

Play college baseball in a professional setting

Transform Your Game

Take Junior College Classes

Reach Your Ceiling

Get a year of college baseball experience

without using a year of eligibility.

Every year over 480,000 play high school baseball. Of those, only 6.9% will play in college.

BC Athletics post grad baseball program finds the players who are overlooked, or under recruited high school graduates, and gives you the opportunity to play a college schedule while working with world-class coaches and maintaining your four years of college eligibility.

Does this sound like you?


Under recruited?


Developed late?


Injured in high school?


Learning a new position?

If so, spending nine months with our coaches could be exactly what you need to play baseball at the next level.

So what exactly is “post grad baseball?”

The BCA college baseball team is a nine-month program for high school graduates who are looking to work in a professional setting and “up their stock” by getting bigger, faster and stronger so they can get the best possible offers from colleges once they leave BCA.

Our players will be taking accredited college classes while playing a full college schedule.

We use a combination of individual and group development sessions to develop players individually and “college style” team practices to prepare each player for college baseball.

By using professional development techniques such as video analysis, swing development, position-specific strength training, and vision training, we help our players develop into the types of athletes every coach would want on their team.

Ready to join the team?

1. Register For Recruitment

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2. Complete Admissions

You’ll be contacted by our Recruitment Team who will answer any questions and help you through the admissions process.

3. Join The Team

After finishing your Admissions Process, you’ll join us in Knoxville, TN for nine months that will change your life.

Can you disappear for nine months to become the player, person, and student athlete you desire to be?